Bringing the countryside to life - in your home

Who are we?
Acre Events. A team with a wealth of experience and expertise in mounting, promoting and executing real world exhibitions coupled with a deep understanding the needs of enthusiasts and businesses connected to field sports and related industries.

What are we offering?
An additional venue alongside real world events providing hunting and fishing expertize – CountrySideXpo is on the World Wide Web.

CountrySideXpo is a series of online exhibitions tailored to the field sports markets, like no other available, which will be run over 7 days reaching an audience far wider and greater than any other media can offer.

Via the internet and reachable to every enthusiast, organization and business worldwide from their home/desk.

The first CountrySideXpo will be held in 2013.  Following the 7 day ‘real-time’ event all content will be archived and available to all online visitors for 365 days.