Bringing the countryside to life - in your home

A global hunting and fishing expo / game fair at your fingertips

In today’s world of abundance we know the internet can be overwhelming and finding the right supplier and having access to the latest and best specialized information difficult. The CountrySideXpo virtual game fair brings together the cream of the crop in one location by working with specialist businesses, professionals and organizations. Making it easily accessible to you for 7 continuous days – live and fully interactive.

CountrySideXpo is the hotspot where you can find exactly what you want; the brands you love; the experts you respect, at your fingertips from the comfort of your own home / desk.

This virtual game fair is not a replacement for traditional hunting and fishing expos, where you have the opportunity to physically meet to socialize as well as speak face to face with representative personnel. This experience is an additional means for you to gain access to your community at an international level and start conversations.

Now you can easily communicate with like-minded individuals and groups across the world all collected in one place – CountrySideXpo. Click here to have a taste of how, and see how easy it is.